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An Artist's Prayer

I found the prayer below in a box full of knickknacks from my Hope Chapel days.

This summer my wife has tasked me with the job of processing 30 years' worth of memorabilia. Each afternoon, for one hour max, it's two boxes: boxes full of cassette tapes (featuring bands like Petra, Angelica, John Michael Talbot, Idle Cure, Out of the Grey, Keith Green); hand-written letters from my high school pen-pal in Austria, on onion-thin, blue airmail; photographs of plays I'd performed in; a bumper sticker with a quote by Che Guevara; copies of The New York Times and The Dallas Morning News, dated September 12, 2001, the day after "9/11"; a Scantron test from a biology course I took at the University of Texas; a Kodak slide carousel full of images of Jesus throughout the centuries; a medal I won in the Mount Nebo 10k race in Dardanelle, Arkansas, at age 17.

I’m not quite sure where the following "Artist's Prayer" comes from, nor who wrote it. I searched on Goo…

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